A true professional . . .

We relied on her completely since we were from Rhode Island. Our house search

extended through several properties with two offers, only one of which we followed to conclusion. Alex was super helpful and remarkably responsive throughout the process. Initially she arranged for us to visit properties  that interested us and then during the process of purchasing, gave us good advice on our bids and even recommended we send a letter with our offer for the house we purchased that ended up being what swayed the seller to choose us. She solved problems as they arose (For example she helped us get paperwork completed on a time critical Sunday evening bid , then found a way to fax material without a fax machine since the usual options weren’t available). She has an excellent network of lawyers and bankers to help with financing and the legal aspects: we were very happy with the lawyer she recommended. She worked with the seller’s real estate agent smoothly as well.

Alex is a true professional who quickly got what we were looking for, dealt with us so responsively and proactively explained to us what we needed to know. We recommend her highly to anyone looking to purchase a house.